Welcome to McCallsburg! Below you will find our FAQS on Zoning and Permits. If you have any questions that are not covered in the FAQ call (515) 434-2242 or email us at mcburg@netins.org.

burning leaves

Is burning allowed in town?
Yes, open burning is allowed at this time. Visit the State Marshal website for current burn bans in Iowa.

Swimming pool

Do pools need to be fenced in?
No, pools are not required to have a fence placed around them. 
However, you do need a permit for a pool that is over knee-high.


Do I need a permit to install a fence?
Yes, a permit is required; download the following document. 


Can I drive a Golf Cart or other similar vehicle around town?
Yes, see ordinance for clarification.

firecrackers and rockets

Are fireworks allowed in town?
Yes, but only at certain times.

What are the rules for Mowing?
See ordinance for details on when you must mow and the repercussions if you do not.

Zoning Permit photo